What does it mean to find “your” teacher

In the modern world, English opens up thousands of new opportunities for us, but the process of learning often seems difficult and boring. Of course, digging into tons of textbooks on our own, we will achieve results, but how to learn a language without losing motivation after the first lesson?

There is only one answer - to find "your" teacher. While making a choice, each student relies on his/her own criteria - someone considers teaching experience and the number of certificates as very important factors, someone relies on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. Even gender and age can play a significant role for a student! But even a lesson with an experienced teacher, who has a good reputation and knowledge, may seem uninteresting to you. It's just not "your" teacher!

 “Your” teacher knows how to properly organize work in class, depending on your (and only!) speed of picking up some new knowledge, personal interests and preferences. For example, if you are fond of pop music, why not listen to Rihanna or Lady Gaga compositions to consolidate Present Simple?

“Yout” teacher explains complex constructions and new words in simple language that you will understand, using real life examples, rather than book rules. Soon English will seem to you not so far from reality, but an ordinary way of communication.

"Your" teacher creates a special atmosphere in the classroom, and the process of learning English turns from compulsion into an exciting game or discussion, which can even become your new hobby.

“Your” teacher is the person who you trust from the very first lesson, whether because of his/her radiant smile when you meet, or because of common interests. He/she will try to earn your trust and respect, he/she will even become your friend, who you can discuss issues of your concern and interesting topics with (of course in English!).

And, most importantly, “your” teacher will really open your interest in learning English. He/she will become not only your reliable assistant, but also an inspirer, motivator, a true Teacher. Learning English, like any creative process, requires finding "your" teacher in order to achieve real results together.

Author: Yana Kosur

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