What does it mean to find “your” teacher and how can we do it

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of knowing English these days. Almost everyone knows about them and millions of articles have been written about the topic. Thousands of articles have been written about the benefits of learning English with a tutor. We will tell you about how important the personality of the teacher is for the attractiveness and effectiveness of the learning process.

Finding your teacher means getting a mentor who is genuinely interested in both your progress in learning and your passion and interest in the process. If you are lucky enough to find such a person, your speed of learning English will grow exponentially, and the learning process will become joyful moments in your life. You will immediately understand that this is "your" tutor, you will be comfortable with them, they will be able to explain a complex topic in an accessible and exciting way, and most likely, no explanation will be required, with this person understanding will come somehow by itself. “Your” mentor will help you increase your motivation in difficult times, you will feel a kindred spirit in him and look forward to the next lesson. He may just charm you with his smile.)

You cannot know for sure who your teacher will be. It can be a man or woman, of a similar and different age, a sophisticated professor with a ready-made program for all needs, and an enthusiastic beginner who wants to create a personalized program for you. Therefore, you need to take trial lessons until you realize that you have found your teacher. For example, the teachers in our school have become "theirs" for hundreds of students, and will be "yours" with great pleasure. You only need to schedule a free trial lesson with every available teacher and choose "your" from them.

Author: Andrew Shapovalov

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