What we do with clothes - use correct verbs and idioms

Clothing is an integral part of every day. There are many actions that we perform with it - we dress, wear clothes, try on, etc. And now you can do all this also in English =)

So, here are the main words and phrases, as well as a few idioms that are useful to us in the shop, or standing at the wardrobe trying to plan your outfit, or maybe describing your friend a party and how cool everyone was dressed.



to get dressed

I always get dressed fast, unlike you.

to wear

She wears natural materials.

to put on

Don’t tell me you are going to put this on.

to throw on

Throw this jacket on, it’s quite cold outside. 

to try on

I want to try these shoes on, I think they are my size.

to kick off

Don’t kick your shoes off like that! 

to take off

Take that hat off! It makes you look weird. 

to get undressed

Tomy, get undressed, it’s bath time.

to get changed

I am going to get changed before the theatre. 

to fasten

Oh, no! I can’t fasten my jeans!

to button

It’s so difficult to button this shirt.

to zip

Could you please help me zip my boots?

to hand up

Hang up your coat! Don’t leave it on the chair. 

to dress up

I am going to dress up tonight! It’s a party!

to be dressed to kill

Wow! You are really dressed to kill tonight!

to suit like a glove

You have to buy this skirt. It suits you like a glove.

pull one’s socks up

You need to pull your socks up if you want to pass the exam.

to be in someone’s shoes

That’s hard! I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes. 

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