Car vocabulary - let’s take your car to pieces

Can you drive a car? In the modern world, we cannot do without the skill of driving a car! After all, this is a great way to travel, discover new corners of your country and even abroad. Do not trust the stories that at car services abroad you will be understood in any language, it is better to learn words on the topic of Cars right now!

Let's think about our future car and remember the names of the main parts of the car in English:

In future I wanna have a number plate JB007 – that will be cool!

  • number plate - a plate with your car’s register number.

My headlights are too bright, so everybody can see me on the road! – yeah, but your brake lights are broken!

  • headlights – these are lights at the front of the car, and from the opposite side there are

  • brake light;

He broke my windscreen with his ball tonight – look, I can’t see anything!

  • windscreen - the glass at the front part of the car;

Your boot is so tiny; I can’t even put my suitcase in it!

  • boot – place for stuff at the back of the car;

Don’t forget to lock the door and check your side mirror before you go! 

  • to lock the door – to close the door so that nobody can come into;

  • side mirror - a mirror on the side of the car;

I need to call the automobile service- my car can’t move! -Just let me look under the bonnet.

  • bonnet – piece of metal that covers the engine;

I will put a blue ribbon on the bumper, it’ll be the best present for my brother’s Bthday.

  • Well, the easiest word here is bumper;

Your tyre is flat that’s why you can’t drive! – Yeah, but I don’t know how to fix it.

  •  tyre – rubber cover of a wheel, a flat tyre - broken wheel which doesn’t have any air inside;

Imagine your ideal car outside? Now let's take a look inside!

In my car the most comfortable seats are front, but on the back seat you can even sleep!

  • What is your favourite place: front seat (place for a passenger at the front) or back seat (place for the passenger behind the driver)?

 His dashboard is broken, so he takes a bus to the city centre.

  • Dashboard – control panel;

Where is my mask? – Look at the glovebox.

  • Is there always an extra mask in your glovebox (place under the dashboard from the side of the passenger)?

Moving the steering wheel is hard for my girlfriend, her arms hurt even after that.

  • Steering wheel – you use it to direct your car where you need;

And finally, let's learn a few verbs by reading the story of one driver:

After work I usually get in my car, buckle up and drive home.

  • To get in a car

  • To buckle up

  • To drive home

But this morning one crazy driver cut me off when I wanted to change lanes.

  • To cut somebody off 

  • To change lanes

I don’t have time to brake so I run a red light.

  • To brake;

  • To run a red light;

I don’t want the police to pull me over, so I speed up and drive off.

  • To pull somebody over;

  • To speed up;

  • To drive off;

Learning automotive words will help you cope with unpleasant traffic situations. Well, let's go for a ride?

Author: Yana Kosur

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