Bill, please! Or how to make yourself understood in the restaurant

In the modern world, there hardly is a person who does not like going to cafes or restaurants, because not a single trip abroad or a weekend with friends is complete without conversations over a cup of aromatic coffee or a delicious dessert. In addition, going to a restaurant is a great opportunity to socialize, and visiting a restaurant in English is an interesting challenge! After all, in order not to get into a mess when ordering dishes, you will need to start a dialogue with the waiter in the restaurant in English. Before going to an English restaurant, it's best to prepare well. Remembering our last trip to a UK restaurant, here's a look at helpful restaurant phrases in English.

Before going to the restaurant in the evening, my friend Kathrine made a reservation:

- I would like to make a reservation. 

- For what time would you like a table?

- I’d like a table for 7 p.m. please. 

Having dressed up we went to the restaurant. There Kathrine asked a waiter:

Could I have the menu, please? 

I opened the menu and started to read different menu sections:

  • appetizers 
  • starters 
  • soups 
  • salads 
  • main dishes 
  • side dishes / sides 
  • desserts 
  • beverages

The waiter came back to our table and asked:

Are you ready to order?

Not yet. Give us a second, please. 

*in 5 minutes*

Yes, please. We’ll have a seafood soup and pasta.  

Would you like anything else?

Nothing else, thank you. 

My friend needed some help in making the order:

What are your specialties? 

Our specialties are beef steak. 

Thank you! I’ll have one.

Getting started, I was having troubles with my order. Therefore, I had to continue the dialogue with the waiter in English:

Excuse me! This isn’t what I ordered.

Speaking about past trips to the restaurant, I remembered many problems that I faced. Consider what phrases in a restaurant in English can help you complain:

This food is too cold/hot/salty/spicy. 

We’ve been waiting for a long time! 

Fortunately, this time, after the comment, we were immediately serviced well, and after a delicious dinner it was time to ask for the bill:

Could we have a bill, please! 

Don’t forget to leave some tips for a good service! 

Knowing all these phrases, you will probably be able to start a conversation in a restaurant in English.

Have a great meal!

Author: Yana Kozyr

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