Textbook English vs REAL English 2. Gotta, gonna, wanna and ain’t

What's up, reader? In the previous article “Textbook English vs REAL English. What's up? " we've covered this greeting and the differences between pronunciation in textbooks and real life. This article contains gonna & gotta and other of the most popular contractions in English.

If you watch movies or listen to songs in English, you probably met gotta, gonna and wanna, as well as ain’t in the speech of the heroes of the film or performers. The analysis of these contractions is absent in the textbooks I know, but it is ubiquitous in the colloquial speech of native speakers.

The word gotta is a shortened version of have got to - the colloquial form have to, which means to have some obligations.

 I gotta make this place smell like cookies.

Gonna is going to (an indicator of the future tense)

This is gonna hurt a little, but it's gonna help. 

Wanna - want to

I don't wanna fight you on this.

“Ain’t” is a universal negative auxiliary verb that replaces and covers almost anything that can be replaced and shortened, for example: am not, are not, is not, have not and has not.

I ain't playing like myself.

This ain't no coach tour.

She ain't got a scientific degree.

But do not think that you learned all the auxiliary verbs in vain, because there is no use in thinking about the bad.) Moreover, for affirmative and interrogative sentences, English speakers have not yet come up with a universal auxiliary verb) Although it often happens that in interrogative sentences they do without it. But more on that in the next article.

These are not all the contractions used by native speakers in colloquial speech. Black coffee is more likely to be pronounced blacofee by a native speaker and “what do you do?” as “whad'yu do?” You can watch more examples in the video at the link: https://youtu.be/ChZJ1Q3GSuI (for intermediate level and above)

Now, I gotta go. Thanks for reading. I really wanna you to read our next article, which is gonna be soon.) So ain’t saying goodbye =)

Author: Andrew Shapovalov

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