English for kids - how effective online lessons are?

Many people associate online learning only with classes for adults, but what about kids? There are many beliefs that this type of education is completely unsuitable for children and they cannot learn languages ​​online. Let's see if it is really so.

Children of the 21st century are friends of technology, and it seems now completely impossible to meet a child who does not know how to use a computer or a smartphone. Online learning is also a kind of technology that children can easily master. So let's take a look at the nuances of online learning for children.

When can you start online learning for a child?

Even the smallest children from 5 to 6 years old can study online, but this type of training will be aimed at speaking English (learning words, children's songs, correct pronunciation). With this format, parents should also pay a lot of attention to teaching the child, checking words and assignments, and monitoring the child's behavior in class, since the teacher cannot be physically present in the room.

The ideal age to start online classes for kids is 7-8 years old. At this age, the use of technology is not at all difficult for children, but on the contrary, to some extent attracts their attention and increases their interest in classes. At this age, the teacher can develop all kinds of activities in English (speaking, listening, reading, and you will not believe, even grammar and writing).

As for adolescents, in online learning they can be considered completely adults and their education is not very different from adult classes.

What problems can arise when teaching a child online?

Lack of control can be the biggest problem. It is important to remember that with such training, the teacher is not physically close to your child and cannot look into the notebook or sheet of paper where the child is working. What to do in such cases? Provide parental assistance to both the child and the teacher. Look through the children's notebook one more time, or check the words again. Keep in touch with the teacher, he or she will tell you what to pay more attention to.

What purposes is online education for children suitable for?

Online lessons will help the child not only improve the school curriculum, but also learn a lot of new material, as well as improve pronunciation and other types of skills.

Author: Inga Shatalova

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