English for negotiations

In today's business world, English is widely used as the primary means of communication for both small businesses and large corporations. As Lingua Franca in nearly all developing countries around the world, English is the preferred language in the business community. English is used as an official language in more than 70 countries, so it is not a surprise that it is used as the language for negotiations between foreign companies.

Foreign language negotiation is hardly easy, and business English is often a source of concern for non-native speakers as you can only get what you want when you understand the other side and they understand you. In this article, we have prepared useful phrases for you so that all your "negotiation" ends up in a win-win situation. So "let's get down to business". - Let’s get started.

To get the opinion of others, a “how of hands” phrase is often held.

  • So, a show of hands for everybody who wants some warm, home-cooked cake. - Hands up for a warm, homemade cake.

Any promises from your partner should be asked "to put in writing". - to write them down.

  • I'd like to have that in writing. - I would like to receive it in a letter.

If your partner does not want to make concessions, you should offer him "to meet halfway" - to make a compromise.

  • Could we agree to meet halfway? - Can we compromise?

Feel free to "put your proposals on the table" - put forward your proposals, but do it politely. Modal verbs (should, could, would, might) and past tenses will help you with this.

  • Perhaps we should ... 
  • It might be a good idea to ...
  • Actually, we were hoping for ... 
  • I just wanted ... 

However, do not forget to ask if your partners have anything to add.

  • Mrs. Garrison, do you have anything to add? 

And also, always try to "stick to the point" - stay close to the point, stick to the essence.

  • Could we stick to the point, please?

I wish you always "close the deal" - have a win-win situation. 

Have a nice negotiation)

Author: Andrew Shapovalov

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