Do you know how to say “I know ...”?

Communicating with people, one way or another, we agree with them or not. Rarely do any of us think about how to say “I understand” in English in other words. Why, if there is one well-known and familiar word? However, when we are talking with native speakers, it is important not to forget about the lexical richness of English. If you systematically use only “I know” and “I understand”, then your foreign interlocutor may think that your knowledge of English is not so good.

After we have learned some new words, we often do not pay attention and do not think about the fact that in addition to this equivalent that we have learned, there can be a dozen more synonyms for the Russian word in English. Some of them can be well-used in oral speech, some are not so common. However, in communication you can meet any of them and you should recognize in order to understand everything that is being said to you, as well as use these words yourself to embellish your speech.

Let's consider the most common phrases:

  • to be aware of;
  • to realise;
  • to recognise;
  • to appreciate;
  • to acknowledge;
  • to notice - замечать;
  • I see;
  • I see what you mean;
  • fair enough;
  • all right;
  • I take (see) your point;
  • I don’t blame you;
  • I get what you mean;
  • I get you;
  • Gotcha;
  • I am certain that;
  • I am sure that; 
  • I made sense of. 

Author: German Goryaynov

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