6 ways not to abandon English

1. Do what you are interested in or what you enjoy, but do it in English.

For example, if you like board and/or computer games - play your favorite ones or watch letswatches in English, and you will certainly not get lost in them, and when you see words and inscriptions in English, you will accidentally memorize them without even knowing.

Love to watch TV shows? - Nowadays there are a lot of TV shows in English for different levels. Love to communicate? - Communication with a professional teacher in English, the best practice of spoken language. And did you know that in our school you can do it from just 15 minutes a day, with a cup of coffee.


2. Think of why you might need English in your life, imagine all the benefits. If nothing comes to mind, read our article “The Benefits of Learning English” and then consider whether you can learn it the moment you need it. If you think so, you are probably a very confident person. However, learning English, as a rule, requires a very long time to achieve the goal.


3. Set a specific goal. “Maybe someday it will come in handy” is not good. It is best to keep a diary to write down your goals. Note a short-term goal at the beginning of each day. For example, read an article and / or watch a video about your favorite game or movie, talk to a teacher in English for 30 minutes, write in a diary or blog in English, etc. At the end of the day, write down all the difficulties you encountered while trying to achieve this goal. Also set medium to long-term goals for, such as: understand work emails in English and what they say in meetings at work, speak confidently in meetings, speak confidently and fluently when traveling, teach your children English, understand films in English, etc. .d.

Achieving the goals you set can boost your confidence and help you see your progress!


4. It will also be very useful to promise friends or relatives that you will devote at least 1-2 hours a day to learning English. In case you fail to keep your promise, you will give everyone a certain amount of money that you would not like to part with. If you have a blog or vlog (too bad if you don’t - this is a very good English practice), you can make a promise right in it.


5. Test your progress monthly, otherwise you probably won't notice it and won't be able to enjoy it. You can ask your tutor for it, take English level tests, or use the great Englishscore app, which you can download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.englishscore&hl=en&gl=US. If you are not happy with your progress, then you may not be learning English very effectively. In this case, we recommend addressing professionals, for example, teachers of our school. They will create an individual program for you.

6. Surround yourself with people learning English. This will greatly increase your desire and motivation to learn a foreign language. Explain something in English to another person. This will help not only to learn and remember the material, but also to increase the level of motivation and self-confidence. No wonder folk wisdom says - if you want to learn something, explain it to others.

We hope that we have inspired you to study English, if not, then to be continued… 

Author: Andrew Shapovalov

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