10 idioms at the workplace

Idioms make up a huge part of the English language. They help to diversify our speech significantly. Understanding and ability to use these combinations correctly can serve as an indicator of a good level of language proficiency. And even in the format of business communication, when used appropriately, idioms can perfectly complement your speech at a presentation, meeting with colleagues or business partners, and even during interviews.

We offer you 10 idioms that will come in handy at the workplace.

1. To drill down - explore in detail

The situation is too complicated. We need to drill down to identify the very reason of it. 

2. To go the extra mile - make extra efforts

A good team leader is the one who is willing to go the extra mile to help their staff. 

3. To give someone a heads-up - warn in advance, inform

You were supposed to give me a heads-up that they had chosen me for this job. 

4. To keep someone in the loop - inform, keep in touch

Well, keep me in the loop about their negotiations. 

5. To bring something to the table - bring benefits, have the ability that can become useful, make a contribution

What has she brought to the table? I am not sure we need her on the team.

6. To hit the ground running - get down to business without delay, get involved

Is everything clear? So, let’s hit the ground running, we don’t have so much time. 

7. To think outside the box - to have a non-standard thinking

It was quite a task to implement their ideas. We did need to think outside the box! 

8. To touch base - contact smb

I don’t really like that, but we’ll need to touch base with him. 

9. To bring up to speed (on smth) - give all information needed about smth

Could anyone bring me up to speed on what’s going on here? 

10. To be on someone’s radar - to look after smth

Don’t worry, this project is on my radar. I look after them.

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