Online lessons of English and other languages

Learn how to communicate with people from other countries within just 3 to 6 months

Hire a tutor of English by Skype, find a teacher for classes in Spanish and French. Since 2010, the teachers of LuckyLang Center have been helping to master skills of everyday and business communication. We will prepare you for exams considering your level of knowledge: from Beginner to Advanced.

Join LuckyLang Center of Foreign Languages

We offer classes with native speakers and language experts


Flexible schedule

You yourself choose the time of the lessons. We work with students all over Russia and Europe via Skype. Not confined to stuffy classrooms, you will start to master the language right at home.


Only practical knowledge

You will easily learn the information while having fun and cognitive exercises. We do not load students with a dry theory, but demonstrate the rules using illustrations and games.


The cost of the lesson starts at 375 rubles

You will spend less money than on classes at a private school or with a private tutor. We do not need to keep an office or go out to a student’s place, so we set lower prices than in other companies.


Course duration is from 3 to 6 months

You will feel progress after 2-3 lessons. The time of completing the Beginner level is 3 months, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced levels take 6 months, provided you do all the homework given by the teacher.


2 types of lessons to choose from

Get either lessons in group of 2-4 persons or individually - in any case the teacher will give you a maximum of attention and will control the mastering of materials.


Responsive teachers

You will receive answers to any questions. Our philologists and linguists with experience of 2 years and more will tell the secrets of quick memorizing of words and rules, if necessary, they will repeat with you all difficult topics.

Teachers of our language center


Кравцова Руслана

Education: Высшее филологическое

Working experience: 7

Working experience: DELF, Michael Gott International


Латышева Татьяна

Education: Высшее

Working experience: 3

Working experience: Michael Gott International, Solovov School of English Certificate


Дибчук Олеся

Education: Высшее филологическое

Working experience: 4

Working experience: TESOL


Шаповалов Андрей

Education: Высшее

Working experience: 3

Working experience: -


Feedback on our online lessons of English and other languages

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Благодаря Lucky Lang я подтянул разговорный английский, что помогло мне с моей работой и общением за пределами страны. Так же, хотел бы поблагодарить моего преподавателя Ильченко Алину за терпение и профессионализм.


Добрый день! Занимаюсь второй год, очень нравится индивидуальный подход к каждому студенту. Преподаватель подбирает как тематику, так и интенсивность обучения исходя из потребности ученика. Также большой плюс - повторение пройденного материала через некоторое время. Благодарю этому, информация укладывается аккуратно и долгосрочно :) Мне стало значительно легче общаться на английском и понимать речь носителей языка. Находясь заграницей, больше не страшно подойти и поговорить с иностранцем, хотя раньше душа в пятки уходила при такой мысли :)) Обучение здесь - рекомендую!

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